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    ClearBox Global licenses and collects, on behalf of song owners, digital and traditional uses of music outside of the United States and Canada directly and efficiently.

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Working Together to Deliver More Value

ClearBox Global Is..


Made for owners of musical works, created through the efforts of ClearBox Rights and SOCAN, administering all types of uses outside of the United States and Canada.


Accomplished through direct, multi-territory agreements with digital service providers (DSPs), aggregating performance and reproduction reporting for greater efficiency, simplicity and transparency.


By utilizing our exceptional collection of meta-data of sound recordings and music compositions. ClearBox Global delivers unparalleled match rates through the power of SOCAN’s proven expertise and technology.

ClearBox Rights is a trusted and respected independent publishing administration company based in Nashville, Tennessee, representing hundreds of independent publishing catalogs. ClearBox Rights provides decades of extensive administration experience, innovative license and collections systems, and unique tracking and auditing for rights owners.

SOCAN, combined with wholly-owned companies MediaNet and Audiam, provides a powerful combination of intelligence, experience and technology. The SOCAN Group of companies is the only North American entity with full, consolidated song and recording data. Its collection of Anglo-American music repertoire is unsurpassed in the western hemisphere.

Simple. Direct. Better.

What We Do

ClearBox Global licenses and collects both digital and traditional uses of music outside of the United States and Canada in a more direct and efficient manner, maximizing revenue for song owners. ClearBox Global enables small and mid-sized music publishers to gain access to global digital service providers (DSPs) on the same level as major publishers through direct, multi-territorial agreements. This reduces the complexity of licensing and royalties for music in digital uses while optimizing its value.

Some of Our Great Benefits

Lower Fees

Lower overall fees than other entities, along with total transparency of royalties from DSP to rights owners.

Faster Distribution

Royalties delivered promptly from source to rights owners through seamless data integration, providing flexibility and transparency to meet your needs as a music publisher.

Superior Matching

The most efficient identification of works and recordings used in the digital marketplace, using proven business intelligence, royalty tracking and experience to identify missing earned royalties.

Perfectly Positioned

The only true North American hub for Anglo-American repertoire, covering most world territories outside of North America, with a long history of supporting and working for song owners.

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